Holistic consulting

for startups

Holistic Consulting to us is what we call a long term rock solid relationship with a partner “our clients”. We don’t want to be that random consulting company that gives you some advice, burns a big hole in your pockets and walks away without any commitment or accountability. In this model, we engage with our partners from start to finish and ensure every step of execution is on track. This service is more for startups who have a great idea, however, need help in areas like execution, development or maybe even launch, operations or management. Holistic Consulting is offered in association with our sister concern Stratburg Market Research and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. The folks at Stratburg have worked with almost all of the leading online media companies globally and in this engagement, take care of all research, analytics, reporting and operations while our folks at Cooolio step in for anything and everything related to technology.

We not only focus on developing products, but also focus on developing a long term strategy around them. Our research & consulting framework for the Online and Mobile app industry focuses on, research, content formulation, conceptualization, development, hosting and promotion. We believe that any web or mobile based product has to have a strong strategy behind it for it to become successful in the market. Our team analyzes your requirement and translates them into a roadmap to your online strategy. With our strong research tools and framework, we make sure that your web & mobile based products are noticed by your target market and are a decade ahead of your competition.

Our research and consulting services are based on these five pillars



We help our clients in planning their offerings based on highly actionable research insights



Based on the findings and inputs from our clients, we focus on building a strategy to make their products market ready



With our in-house team of expert developers and designers, we strive to create a product that our clients had envisioned



A product should be rock steady when it hits the market, our Testing process and tools make sure that your product is ready to make an impact



Once the product is launched, we not only manage it for you, but also, keep improving its performance regularly

Our Engagement


Your idea needs to be put through our initial scope filter before we can agree to engage with you. We understand that most of you in this position are strapped for funding and we want to help you out. After evaluating your idea, we provide you a support roadmap along with a low and economical monthly retainer cost that covers part of our service fee. The remaining fees are collected on a success basis for which milestones are clearly laid out. At the end of the day we want this to be a win-win for both of us.
We treat our clients as our business partners and our engagement model focuses on providing our clients long-term support. We engage with our clients’ right from the time an idea is conceived, to the final delivery of the product and maybe even longer if required.




Web & Mobile Strategy

Every successful web & mobile based product has a well-planned strategy behind it. We help our clients with the right strategy to put their product on the right path.

Mobile App Development

With the advent of iOS and Android, mobile applications have become a rage. We have learnt a lot while developing mobile apps under our own brand and use these learnings to develop awesome mobile apps for our clients.

Web Application Development

Our web applications are reputed to be technically advanced and of highest quality standards. With our expertise in web app development, we focus on core issues like, user experience, reducing turnaround time, code optimization and cutting down on total cost without compromising on quality.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems are the heart and soul of web & mobile apps and nobody understands this as well as we do. With our customized Content Management Solutions, clients are able to deliver fresh content to their customers on a regular basis

eCommerce Solutions

With our result-driven performance frameworks, we have developed some of the most highly efficient and result-driven e-commerce applications


Key Client


This model allows your company to benefit through



Leverage the expertise of Online Business Experts with years of experience and exposure to the Internet Industry and various markets across the world



Cost savings from off-shore delivery and support



This long term engagement model gets you an accountable partner to work with, rewards are tied with success

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